Used HarvestStore Panels

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Nebraska Harvestore Systems, Inc. dismantles unused structures and has a large inventory of used Harvestore panels in stock. The panels measure 57″ high by 104″ wide. The glass fussed to steel panels have a porcelain like coating. The steel used in the panels is available in several thicknesses:

Thin1/8″ thick$200-$300 each
Medium3/16″ thick$200-$300 each
Thick1/4″ thick$200-$300 each
Harvestore panel

These are miscellaneous panels for the purposes listed below and are not suitable for building original Harvestore Structures or Slurrystore Structures. Please call for prices on matched and packaged sets for building Harvestore Structures or Slurrystore Structures.

There are many uses for these panels:

  • Containment Rings
  • Livestock Facilities
  • Stock Tanks
  • Fish Tanks
  • Swimming Pools
  • Bank Stabilization

and many more!

Harvestore panels