HarveStore Products




Harvestore structures remain the best storage system for feed quality. They are more convenient and have better lifetime value than bags or bunkers.


In today’s world, manure management is a critical issue in any dairy or livestock operation. Combined with the ability to capture nutrient value, buying a Slurrystore has never made more sense.

Harvestore XL Unloaders

The Harvestore XL Unloaders signify a new era in forage unloading. The Harvestore XL Unloaders offers higher levels of convenience and service life. They are simply the most powerful and dependable forage unloaders you can own. The Harvestore XL Unloader 400 is capable of moving up to or over 400 pounds per minute of 55 percent moisture haylage.

New Harvestore Talon Chain

The Talon chain tests 39% stronger overall. This is due to a new design and materials. It also has a new style bushing and special press fits. All of these features leads to longer chain life and lower maintenance. Contact us for more information.


BioEnergy Storage Solutions

CST introduces a complete line of tanks, steel roofs, aluminum domes, flexible membrane covers and reclaimer systems for state-of-the-art BioEnergy storage solutions.

Visit the CST/BioEnergy Storage Products Website for more information.


PrecisionFEEDING automatically adjusts rations for variations in the dry matter content of feed entering TMR mixers. The new Harvestore® FeedScan™ Precision Feeding System’s infrared technology helps dairy producers to more precisely match nutritionist recommendations by instantly measuring dry matter and other nutrient content of feed flowing over a Harvestore feed conveyor.

FeedScan is for use only with Harvestore Storage Systems. CST is also the North American distributor for the dg precisionFEEDING™ System manufactured by dinamica generale® of Poggio Rusco, Italy, which brings the same real-time, on-farm feed analysis to dairy producers with concrete bunker silos and storage in plastic bags.

With FeedScan, producers instantly know dry matter content and can increase feed efficiency by not under- or over-feeding dry matter based on aging data.

View the video for details.