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AfiMilkafimilk is the global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing cutting edge computerized systems for the modern dairy farm.  

Dairy Herd Management System

The AfiMilk comprehensive management system provides the farmer a user friendly and professionally designed tool to meet the many challenges of daily decision-making. With AfiMilk herd management, you can make informed decisions regarding: an individual cow, group of cows or a complete herd.
AfiMilk Management Tool Modules include:
  • Health reports
  • Animals for insemination
  • Production (Quota) management
  • Cow culling
  • Summary and analysisreports
  • Official reports
  • Drug management
  • Milking efficiency
  • Technical fault reports
  • Veterinary module
  • Milk recording tools
  • Data exchange with external bodies
  • And more, depending on your operational needs
A flexible and powerful query and report generator will help you or your dairy manager create customized tools to meet local managerial needs.


 AfiMilk’s advanced products will give you more control over shaping the future of your dairy farm. Afimilk’s combination of science, technology and field experience results in automated products that ensure:
  1. improved results in milk quality
  2. getting the work done faster and more efficiently
  3. easy management of the health of individual cows/sheep/goats in your herds
  4. providing peace of mind with the knowledge that you are in full control

Milk Meters

The AfiMilk Milk meter is an integrated unit that combines individual cow’s milk measurement with full control over milking parlor activities. Provided in various configurations, it is tailored to meet the requirements and needs of different milking parlors and routines. AfiMilk milk meters are designed to fit in every parlor configuration without any changes to the existing parlor equipment, either in a stand-alone mode or in conjunction with afimilk’s computerized system. The milk meter’s terminal acts as a fully integrated user interface displaying cow information, providing online alerts for health problems, Colostrum and antibiotic milk. Click here for PDF

Animal Identification & Breeding Improvement

Afikim’s Pedometer and Pedometer Plus are small, yet durable devices that combine two functions simultaneously: ID for every single cow in the herd and a Step Counter that indicates the activity level of the cow. AfiMilk’s Pedometer Plus measures rest time and rest bouts in addition to identifying cows and having all the traditional Afi Pedometer’s Heat Detection capabilities. Click here for PDF Click here for PDF Studies have proven, and over 2 Million tags in use worldwide have confirmed, the direct correlation between a cow’s heat and an increase in its physical activity. The AfiMilk Heat Detection Module is based on the increase of cow activity measured by the pedometer. By measuring this activity, the AfiMilk system pinpoints the optimal time for insemination, both simplifying and improving breeding management. AfiAct is much more than a Heat Detection system, it provides full Fertility Management:
  • AfiAct detects heat by measuring the activity of a cow. This method is based on numerous studies and scientific research that showed the correlation between increased activity of the cow and heat.
  • The only tag in the world that monitors and can improve cow welfare
  • Optimize calving interval
  • Reduce the number of open days
  • Reduce involuntary culling due to breeding problems
  • Early detection of Anestrus, abortions and cyclic disorders
  • History recoding of early heats and previous lactation events
  • Fertility indexes and CR
  • CR per bull and inseminator
  • Gives a 24 hour calving alert
  • Easy upgrade to a full AfiMilk system
Click here for PDF Nebraska Dairy Systems is a full service dealer of afimilk dairy products. We offer service and sales of a wide range of afimilk products. Contact us for details.